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Hazardous Household Products


POLITICAL UPDATE - Hazardous Household Products - "The Chemical Safety Improvement Act ... is an unacceptably weak response ..." Ken Cook, of the Environmental Working Group, said today.." ... Political Update: EWG President On Hazardous Household Products Dangerous Chemicals In Cosmetics, Beauty Products ... And Congress Is "Wimping Out"! Two days ago here at "Tips

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Safe Cleaning Products – How To Make All Natural Cleaning Products


For most parents a big concern is having harmful and toxic cleaning products around the house. With babies naturally so inquisitive and always putting things into their mouth (sucking their thumb, etc.) it is vitally important that surfaces are clean to prevent the spread of germs. Just as important are the products used to clean with. I have a few recipes to make all natural cleaning products that are effective and far less harmful [...]

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