(NaturalNews) Breast cancer awareness in America has evolved into nothing more than a marketing competition where everything is painted pink and consumed for profit

Focus on Breast Cancer Prevention

Avoid Personal Use Products and Household Cleaners that Contain these Toxins

As pointed out in NaturalNews, breast cancer awareness in North America has become nothing more than a marketing campaign where everything is consumed for profit. Much of the money raised by consumer donations is directed toward pharmaceutical research and testing equipment. Both very high cost items, which do nothing to get to the root of the disease.

Environmental Toxins and Breast Cancer

It is time to educate yourself and take the advice ot the Breast Cancer Fund, an educational charity focused on prevention of breast cancer. It is there belief that preventing the disease through educating both men and women on the environmental toxins we expose ourself s to each and everyday.

Have you ever looked closely at the ingredients found in the personal use products you apply to your body each day? You know things like shampoo, toothpaste. nail polish, and facial cosmetics? What about the ingredients in your household cleaners? Many of these products contain “hormone-disrupting phthalates and bisphenols wreak havoc on the endocrine system of the body, negatively affecting the mammary glands, among other important glandular systems like the ovaries, testes, thyroid and thymus.”

Breast Cancer Fund exposes environmental causes of breast cancer so you can live a non-toxic life

By cleaning up consumer products and bringing greater education and oversight, consumers could be better-protected from scandals like lead in lipstick, mercury in face cream or formaldehyde in hair-straightening products.

The Breast Cancer Fund believes Breast Cancer Awareness month, October, would be better named Breast Cancer Prevention Month. By prioritizing environmental prevention over breast cancer recognition, more women could make lifestyle changes before it’s too late. Relying on the medical system’s route of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery at the last moment only victimizes women by destroying their quality of life and depleting their finances.

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