Eliminating GMO’s from Your Diet

As a health concious consumer my diet is organic. My personal care products are toxin free as are my home care products. GMO’s and toxins had been eradicated in my life as far as I was concerned.

That is until I listened to  Dr. Edward Group

Surprising GMO Food Facts

Is it possible that the majority of the population is simply unaware of the potential harmful effects of GMO’s on human health? GMO ingredients, like corn syrup and sugar are found in a majority of off the shelf boxed food stuffs like cereal, pasty, breads, energy bars and drinks.  In other words potentially harmful GMO ingredients are added to the majority of manufactured food products found at your corner grocery store.

If you are looking to eliminate GMO food completely from you diet you may be in for a few surprising dietary changes. In this video Anthony Gucciardi of Storyleak.com interviews Dr. Edward F Group and begins with, “How do I avoid GMO’s, and specifically when I am going to the grocery store what can I buy that is GMO free?”

After watching this video I has me adding a several more products to my list of things to avoid.

Surprising Changes You May Need to Make to Eliminate GMOs from Your Diet

Waking Times

Is it Possible to Avoid GMO's in our Diets?Video – Dr. Edward Group discusses the top 10 GMO foods, what ingredients you should avoid when you’re not buying organic, and why there are some surprising changes you might need to make in regards to which dairy and meats you buy if you want to eliminate GMOs from your diet.