Walking Benefits – “Sometimes the best solutions are the most simple. This appears to be the case with walking, arguably the simplest form of exercise.” …

Walking Benefits – The Amazing Power Of Walking

Walking Programs Are Easy And Have Major Effects On Your Health!

Walking Benefits | Tips About Healthy Living

You do not need any special equipment to experience walking benefits. You do not need a membership to a gym, you do not need to learn how to use a machine. You do not need to take a class or fit it into your schedule. You can just do it. When most people think about adding a walk to their daily activities it is for fast healthy weight loss, but there are numerous walking benefits to your overall health. Most of us do some form of walking daily, so by just adding a little bit more, we can all be healthier.

Did you know that 3 hours a week of walking can reduce pain of knee arthritis? Did you know walking can make you happier? Did you know that a walking program can cut your risk of heart disease, progression of dementia and diabetes? Did you know that by walking you will live longer? If the benefits of walking were given in pill form, it would most likely be the most prescribed drug on the market!

There have been several studies recently that indicate the amount of exercise daily is cumulative. You do not need to walk for an hour straight to see positive results … all of your walking will give you positive results.

Here is a comprehensive article by Ben Hirshberg at “Natural News” that will fill you in on the results of several studies on how walking benefits your health:

The Amazing Power Of Walking

Walking is gentle on the body and takes no special equipment to perform, making it also a very accessible way to exercise. There has been quite a bit of research done on the effectiveness of walking and the results are staggering.


Fast Healthy Weight Loss – Pedometer Program

To boost your walking programs for weight loss, consider adding a Pedometer program to your walking program. Studies show that the simple use of a Pedometer increases motivation to walk more. Pedometers are inexpensive, but an effective way to increase weight loss. Before starting your walking program, make sure you have a comfortable pair of sneakers. Bottom line put one foot in front of the other a bit more each day, to make you feel better, decrease disease, and live longer.

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