“Marijuana relaxes me and allows me to go into a controlled, meditative place,” Drusinsky told Men’s Journal. “When I get high, I train smarter and focus on form.”

Exercise Activates the Brain’s Endocannabinoid System

More Remarkable Benefits of Cannabis

Another scientific study reveals even more remarkable benefits of THC and cannabinoids. The news is even better for those who consume cannabis on a daily basis. Not only does it lower insulin resistance, it also facilitates metabolic function. One study found obesity rates are significantly lower for all groups of cannabis users (inclusive of age and gender) when compared to those who have not used marijuana in the previous past 12 months. In addition the studies reveal that recreational activities and moderate physical exercise benefit greatly with cannabis use.

Have you ever had runners high? If you have, you know how it feels. There is a reason why it is similar to the high you get when smoking or consuming cannabis, your body naturally produces its own cannabinoids during exercise. The longer your exercise the more human-produced natural cannabinoids are produced and released into your bloodstream causing you to feel a little high. The endocannabinoid system therefore plays an important role in human health and is designed to ease physical pain, control our appetites, reduce stress, improve our moods and even regulate our memory.

THC binds to the lipids, fats, and cell receptors of the endocannabinoid system when marijuana is smoked. This THC is then released back into your body as exercise begins to eliminate this fat as it burns calories. In other words you can feel the high of exercise for a longer period of time.

Researchers discovered that engaging in exercise can provide you with a stronger buzz and increase the potency of the marijuana. The fact is that working out for just a half hour will trigger an additional stronger high for marijuana users.

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The Incredible Effects of Cannabis On Weight Loss and Metabolism

As cannabis becomes more integrated within mainstream culture, millions are becoming more educated on the many benefits of THC and cannabinoids. Not only does cannabis consumption lower insulin resistance, but it also improves fasting insulin and facilitates metabolic function. More athletes and even those engaged in moderate recreational fitness have incredible benefits from daily consumption of the once demonized plant.

Coupled with the pain-relieving effects of both plant and human-derived cannabinoids, cannabis and exercise seem to go hand in hand if you’re looking to improve your physical health.

A study published in the American Journal of Medicine has found that regular cannabis consumers have fasting insulin (insulin in your body before eating) levels 16% lower than non-consumers. The study also found that cannabis consumers had 17% lower insulin resistance levels and lower average waist circumferences. The researchers concluded that there were significant associations between marijuana use and smaller waist circumferences.

Some athletes swear by using marijuana or its isolated active ingredients, such as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) as performance-enhancing drugs, saying these substances ease anxiety and increase pain threshold so that they can push themselves during workouts.

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