Food Processing Chemicals – “Processing aids used on produce are wide-ranging, from chlorine washes to ozone to organic acids to oils derived from plants such as cinnamon or pine trees.” …

Food Processing Chemicals: What Are You Eating?

What Are You Eating?
Will Anyone Really Tell You?

Food Processing Chemicals | Tips About Healthy LivingThe role of chemicals in food processing is a twisting labyrinth of everything from truth to outright lies and all stops in between … including silence. Labeling is getting better all the time, but in the area of fresh fruits and vegetables, most consumers are dealing with really murky information. What food processing chemicals are used on those gorgeous red tomatoes you just bought? What about that “Ready To Eat” lettuce in the bag? Was it actually cleaned before you bought it … and if so … with what? Do you need to wash it again … and if so … with what?

Do you know what food processing chemicals have been used on the food you and your family are eating? Are you all right with that? Are you confident that you are doing all you can to make sure you’re eating healthy … and safe … food on a day-in day-out basis?

Here’s an eye-opening article by Gretchen Goetz in “Food Safety News”. There’s a lot of information here … I learned things I wasn’t aware of before. Hope you find it useful …

Food Processing Chemicals for Fresh Produce: Safety Buffers Between Farm and Table

Nutrition labels on items in the produce section tend to be short, if not absent altogether. While cereals, soups and sauces come with long lists of ingredients on their packaging, an apple doesn’t need an ingredient list for consumers to know what they’re buying (although it arrived at the grocery store in a labeled package), and the ingredients for bagged salad are only as varied as the different lettuces in the bag.


Removing Food Processing Chemicals With Fruit and Vegetable Wash

With so much we don’t know, or at least aren’t able to find out at the present time, why not err on the side of safety. When it comes to removing food processing chemicals from what we’re eating, let’s be on the safe side. Yes, it does say the lettuce in that bag is “Ready To Eat” … but why not be sure. Is it so much more work to do the same as you’d do with a raw head of lettuce? No, it isn’t, and cleaning it yourself … as you would any apple, tomato or other raw produce or fruit … gives you the satisfaction of personal knowledge.

While you’re at it, you can go one step further. Don’t simply rely on a water wash. Find a good natural and organic fruit and vegetable wash, and make sure food processing chemicals are removed by the time your family’s food hits the table.

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