Patricia Arquette — the star of CBS’ “CSI: Cyber” and Academy Award winner for her role as a resilient divorced mother in “Boyhood” — recently took on a comedic guest role: teaming with Amy Schumer, Tina Fey and Julia Louis-Dreyfus for an episode of Comedy Central’s “Inside Amy Schumer.” The much-talked-about sketch poked fun
at the sudden and premature end of a leading lady’s perceived sexual appeal compared with that of a leading man’s.

Patricia Arquette of 'CSI: Cyber' on equality, laughter and the joy of an empty in-boxAs a young, single mother, Arquette knew the agony of not earning enough money to buy both food and diapers for
her son, Enzo, now 26. Her plea for equal pay for women during her Oscar acceptance speech was personal and heartfelt. As executive producer of the upcoming documentary “Equal Means Equal,” Arquette is working with the film’s director-writer, Kamala Lopez, to examine the state of women in America.

You recently deleted thousands of emails. How did that make you feel?

Great! It was liberating. I have to do it again. … Our devices are much more hackable than we imagined. To everyone else’s frustration, I’ve been moving away from email. Now my phone only is a telephone. It’s great to turn everything off and just live. … I don’t think that most people’s lives are balanced anymore. We put busyness above other things and forget to make space to hang out with friends and do something.

For a career in show business many people would do almost anything, but you refused to change your appearance to land parts.