Dietary Supplements: “Dietary supplement makers were charged in fraud case this week by the US Department of Justice. The company responsible for making popular workout and dietary supplements such as Jack3d and OxyElite has been charged with using synthetic stimulants in their products while advertising that the respective products only contained plant extracts.

Synthetic Stimulants and Liver Disease?

This is a follow-up to Do Your Supplements Contain “Picamilon or BMPEA”? a story we posted on Nov. 14, 2015

Is there a connection here? Right now there are over 100 civil and criminal cases against supplement makers and producers.  Now more than ever consumers really must do their homework when it comes to deciding on a supplement regime.

Where are your supplement ingredients sourced? Under what conditions? Are they sourced using child labor? Where are they manufactured? Is the manufacturer certified as a pharmaceutical grade facility? Or are they manufactured in sub optimal conditions? Are they GMO free?

You get the idea. Know where your supplements come from and read the ingredients.

Dietary Supplement Makers Charged In Fraud Case


Dietary supplement manufacturers were charged with fraud after using synthetic stimulants in their products despite claiming that they only used plant extracts.

Several cases of liver disease were linked to the company’s supplements back in 2013.

The indictment is part of a larger, year-long investigation that has resulted in more than 100 civil and criminal cases against supplement makers and producers.

Dietary Supplement Makers Were Charged In Fraud CaseThe synthetic stimulants that the company used in their supposedly plant-based products had been produced in China and, according to a statement made by representatives of the Justice Department in a recent press release, they were found to be dangerous to the consumers’ health.

The indictment cited a number of cases from late 2013 in which liver disease and injury was linked to the consumption of OxyElite Pro Advanced Formula. In many of the cases that were cited patients required liver transplants because of the extensive damage that the dietary supplement had done to their bodies.

USPlabs, the company behind the supplements was informed of the health risks associated with their product and pledged to discontinue the product and take it off the market. The indictment however states that the company continued to sell what was left of its inventory as hastily as possible.

Six of the company’s executives were charged for the crimes and four of the six defendants have already been taken into custody. Two more defendants are expected to surrender themselves into the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service according to and Food and Drug Administration representative.