Brain Health – “”A study by the Centers For Disease control and Prevention has found that 1 in 8 Americans over the age of 60 reports worsening memory loss.”” …

1 In 8 Boomers Reports Memory Loss

12 Percent Of 60 to 64-Year-Olds Complained Of Confusion

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Here’s an interesting article concerning a study by the Centers For Disease control And Prevention into memory loss and early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. The study found that 1 in 8 baby boomers age 60 -64 are reporting some memory loss noticeable over a one year period. The study also found that this group of folks complained that memory loss and confusion have been interfering with their lifestyle. One of the interesting things in the study results is that those in the 80 year old testing group … also reporting some memory loss over the last year … felt it did NOT interfere with their lives as much as the younger group.

First, here’s an interesting video about some recent Alzheimer’s disease research that is promising …

The article about the study can be found on the NBC site here:

Brain Health: 1 In 8 Boomers Reports Memory Loss

Even though 12.7 percent reported worsening memory loss in the previous year, that did not necessarily mean they were developing Alzheimer’s, Baumgart said, although forgetfulness is a key sign of the disease. Alzheimer’s disease, the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, is also the fastest growing threat because of the aging population.


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