“The health insurance exchanges are now up and running. But there are still so many big unknowns about the Affordable Care Act. Learn all the details here.” …

Healthy Living & The Affordable Care Act

What Does The ACA Mean To Me?

Health Exchanges - Affordable Care Act | Tips About Healthy LivingOne thing is absolutely clear: there’s more misinformation and information that is simply incorrect about the new Affordable Health Care Act than most any subject in the last decade or so. Everybody has an agenda as far as “ObamaCare” is concerned, and most of them have nothing to do with you or the well-being of your family.

The fact is, the health coverage exchanges in participating states are now open, and the Affordable Health Care Act is in place, heading down the stretch to full implementation on January 1st. Do you know what you need to know and what you should know? The ACA makes health insurance in the US available to just about everyone. Contrary to popular myth, if you currently have health care insurance and like your policy and what you’re paying you needn’t be concerned. All you need do is stay as you are. However, if you’re among the millions with no insurance or if you’d simply like to see if you could get a better deal, you need to look into the new health exchanges and see just what the Affordable Care Act might be able to do for you.

Remember this: “Obamacare” is not about giving free health care to anyone. As its real name suggests, it’s about making “Affordable” health care available to many who may not have been able to purchase it before. There is no government health care entity now providing insurance or health care. All of this is actually about private health insurance from private insurance companies like Blue Shield and Aetna. What the new law does is create a system where companies such as these compete in an “exchange” to provide the lowest possible prices and to standardize coverage.

We’ve been looking for good sources of information to get a lot of your questions answered, and here’s a great article with lots of cool videos from Dr. Nancy Snyderman at NBC News:

Dr. Nancy Snyderman Answers Your Questions

The health exchanges are now up and running. But there are still so many big unknowns about the Affordable Care Act. To help demystify the new health care law, NBC News chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman answers your questions from Twitter and Facebook.


Where Do I Go For Information On Health Exchanges and ObamaCare?

To find out more and to see just what is available to you under the Affordable Care Act, you simply need to visit the proper website. Those states that have set up their own health exchanges have their own sites, and folks who live in states that have chosen not to do so should visit the main ACA site.

The main ACA site is located at: www.HealthCare.gov

In California, visit: www.CoveredCA.com

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