Healthy Coffee – Harvard researchers: “Having six cups or more each day slashed men’s diabetes risk by 54 percent and women’s by 30 percent over those who abstain from it.” …

Healthy Coffee: Why You Should Drink Black Filter Coffee After Lunch

Healthy Coffee | Tips About Healthy LivingTo many people, the idea of Healthy Coffee is somehow difficult to get their heads around. We’ve heard for years that coffee is not good for you … mostly based on its caffeine content. Well, that idea is based on looking at only one aspect of coffee itself, and is quickly becoming outmoded.

Caffeine per se is not necessarily bad for you. Too much of anything can be detrimental to your health. Take vitamin D or vitamin A for example. Yes, they’re good for you, but too much of either can cause problems. The same is true of caffeine. And, there are other things in coffee which are decidedly good for you. People are beginning to realize that there can be a balance here, and healthy coffee is not so strange an idea.

Additionally, some coffee brands are now being created  … some with beneficial herbs built right in, like ganoderma coffee … that are designed to promote good health and even weight loss!

Here’s an article from Care2 Make A Difference that discusses a recent 18 year study at Harvard University. The researchers found that those who drink coffee … particularly during certain hours of the day … can actually reduce their risk of diabetes!

Healthy Coffee – Why You Should Drink Black Filter Coffee After Lunch Fri, 08 Nov 2013 19:03:48 GMT

Harvard researchers studied 126,000 people for 18 long years, and found incontrovertible evidence that compared to people who do not drink coffee: those who consume one to three cups of caffeinated coffee daily can reduce their risk of diabetes by up to 10 percent.

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Contrary to what a lot of people think, healthy living and healthy eating does not mean giving up the good things in life! You can have your health … and drink your cuppa too! Simply make sure you’re drinking a healthy coffee … and you might try making sure you enjoy your coffee in the afternoon as well as the morning!

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Healthy Coffee.