¬†Telomeres Anti Aging – “Another intriguing possibility is that we may be able to lengthen telomeres while maintaining their quality, actually turning back the biological clock. ” …

Telomeres Anti Aging: Secrets of Your Telomeres

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Telomeres are the main subject discussed in “anti aging circles” these days. These are the little “caps” that protect the end of each of our chromosomes, and longer telomeres have been linked to better health and greater longevity.

Our telomeres shorten with age. The most significant and exciting finding of recent years iis that it is possible … by activating the enzyme “telomerase” … to actually lengthen shortening telomeres, thereby effectively reversing the aging process.

In this post, we have two very special things for you today. The first is a comprehensive article about telomeres and how they work. It’s by Byron Richards, Certified Clinical Nutritionist from NewsWiithviews.com. The second is an ABC News video report you’ll find after the break.

Telomeres Anti Aging: Secrets Of Your Telomeres – NewsWithViews.com

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telomeres anti aging

Preserving your telomeres is an exceptionally important principle of health. Those who are able to stay on top of the telomere game will be rewarded with a longer lifespan and better quality of health as they age. A new era of anti-aging nutritional science is upon us. …

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Telomeres Anti Aging Research

As we’ve said, telomeres are the “talk of the town” in the realm of anti aging research. This is a video report from ABC News about the current state of telomere research.

There have been only a few products created so far in this market. The telomerase enzyme can be activated through supplementation, but most of the products designed so far to accomplish this are outrageously expensive, and many are drug-based. Some amount to thousands of dollars a month to obtain.

Here at Tips About Healthy Living, we promote the natural health products created by Sisel international. At this point, only Sisel has produced a product created to lengthen telomeres that is priced in an area that makes it available to folks who are not necessarily among the wealthy. You can find information about that on this page.

Beyond that, telomere research is a subject to watch. Keep your eyes on this site and we’ll bring you any new developments as soon as they happen.

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