Healthy Eating  – Adults have a hard time during the holidays saying no to some of their favorite foods. Consider how much harder it is for children.” …

Healthy Eating: Healthy Treats for Kid’s During The Holidays.

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One thing adults associate with the holidays is food. Children are no different, but they are not aware of the potential negative consequences eating unhealthy foods can have on their waistlines. 

Switching a few ingredients in your favorite baked goods will make them healthier. I routinelty substitute applesauce for oil.

Here’s a really informative article by Leatta Byrd from Michigan State University Extension:

Healthier Holiday Treat Alternatives For Children Thu, 05 Dec 2013 19:07:38 GMT

The holiday season is among us, with it comes special holiday treats for family members and friends to celebrate and show their love. Children enjoy munching on their favorite holiday cookies, candies and other special treats which are loaded with fat and sugar. Michigan State University Extension recommends parents minimize how many unhealthy treats their children eat during the holiday season by having some strategies and alternative healthy snacks in place. Snack ideas (for adults too) …

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You Don’t Have to Say No, Just Less

There is no reason to say no about one cookie or one piece of pie. Try to fill the little ones up with healthier alternatives so they can’t eat too much dessert. The habits children learn today, will be with them the rest of their lives.

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