Dietary Supplements For Women – “Children who did not receive enough iodine in the womb performed worse on literacy tests as 9-year-olds than their peers, according to a recent study” …

Dietary Supplements For Women – Iodine Deficiency In Womb Associated With Lower Literacy Test Scores In Children

Dietary Supplements For Women:
If You’re Pregnant … You’re Eating for Two

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When it comes to dietary supplements for women, the fact that you’re pregnant becomes vitally important. All the nutrients you absorb from your food are now serving two singular beings: you and your unborn child. A recent study regarding literacy in children has posted an important, but predictable result. The study found that literacy tests at about the age of nine showed a marked effect when children had experienced a mild iodine deficiency while in the womb.

The correct dietary supplements for women can help boost the nutrients in your body that are necessary for the development of your unborn child. One of these is iodine. A woman who is pregnant may be taking in enough iodine for her own needs, but may not be taking in enough to supply both herself and her unborn child.

Here’s the article from Science Daily that outlines the recent study which appeared in the Endocrine Society’s “Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism”.

Mild Iodine Deficiency in Womb Associated With Lower Scores On Children’s Literacy Tests

Apr. 30, 2013 – Children who did not receive enough iodine in the womb performed worse on literacy tests as 9-year-olds than their peers, according to a recent study accepted for publication in The Endocrine Society’s “Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism ( JCEM ). Iodine is absorbed from food and plays a key role in brain development. Even mild deficiency during pregnancy can harm the baby’s neurological development.


Dietary Supplements For Women
Make Sure You’re Equipped To Serve Two

Pregnant women have special needs. Any woman can make sure she’s getting enough nutrition for herself, but if you’re pregnant there are special considerations to be met. Dietary supplements for women are created with the needs of one adult body in mind. When you become pregnant, do a re-assessment. Make sure your dietary supplements are providing you with all the requirements you … and the child in your womb … might need.


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Dietary Supplements For Women.