Zinc Benefits – “A research team from Ohio State University discovered that zinc “gently taps the breaks” on an immune response, helping to prevent damaging inflammation.” …

Zinc Benefits – Boosts Body’s Immune Response, Fights Inflammation

Zinc Benefits:
New Study Offers “… Promising Data Supporting Zinc As Non-Big-Pharma Health Booster.”

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Knowledge of zinc benefits to the human body, and the use of zinc to boost the immune system … among other things … has actually been around for a while. Zinc has been used as a treatment for a myriad of problems, and has been widely accepted to help ameliorate many conditions, such as the widespread use of zinc supplements for acne.

Now a recent study has allowed us a somewhat deeper look into exactly how zinc supplements and zinc itself work in our bodies. As stated above, zinc benefits us in many different ways, but zinc to boost the immune system is the most popular, and that is specifically what this study looked at.

And … it found some interesting things. For instance, the results actually showed that zinc slowed down the immune response to an infection or disease just a bit. Contrary to how that sounds, it turns out it actually increases the efficacy of the immune system when it does so, because it helps decrease inflammation. It may seem counter-intuitive, but this is what makes the findings so interesting.

Here’s an article by Elizabeth Renter at “The Natural Society” that explains it all.

Zinc Boosts Body’s Immune Response, Fights Inflammation

An estimated 40% of elderly adults are zinc deficient, but the elderly aren’t the only ones at risk. Because zinc plays an important role in immune function and growth, it’s presence is important whether you are over the age of 60, under the age of 20, or anywhere in between. A recent study attempted to determine just how zinc can help fight infections, and its results offer some promising data supporting zinc


Zinc Benefits – From Acne To Greater Immunity

Zinc Benefits | Tips About Healthy Living

At the Natural Society they concentrate on obtaining all your zinc requirements from food exclusively. That may be fine if you like oysters (I don’t) and can eat foods like pumpkin seeds and peanuts (I have diverticulitis and need to stay away from things like that). But if the menu of zinc-rich foods is not for you, there are many zinc supplements you can look into. The benefits of zinc supplements and zinc itself are clear. However you do it, make sure you’re getting your daily requirement.


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Zinc Benefits.