Triclosan Free – “FDA finally gets around to conducting safety review on toxic antibacterial chemical triclosan, already in consumer products for four decades.” …

Triclosan Free: FDA Announces Probe Into Toxic Chemical

Triclosan Free Products:
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35 years ago the FDA was looking into a chemical called Triclosan. It’s an antiseptic that is now in about 75% of the antiseptic hand soaps on the conventional market, and has found its way into dental care products, shampoos and conditioners, and a host of other things we purchase and use in our homes. The problem with what the FDA did in 1978 was that they stated in a draft review that Triclosan was “not generally recognized as safe and effective”, but then did nothing about it.

Since that time, the FDA has done more of the same … nothing. Triclosan is endemic in skin care products, make up, hair care products, anti-perspirants, bath products … the stuff is everywhere. With the advent of some recent studies, people are looking more and more for ways to live Triclosan free.

To make matters worse, a number of recent studies have found that triclosan is an endocrine disrupter. That means it interferes with the way the body produces and regulates hormones. This can lead to a variety of problems, and we now have an entire generation that has grown up being saturated with this stuff.

Here’s a comprehensive article by Jonathan Benson at “Natural News” that will fill you in on just what’s going on:

FDA To Review Use Of Chemical Triclosan In Consumer Products

The interesting thing about the whole triclosan issue is the fact that the FDA never actually approved the chemical for use in consumer products. In fact, a draft review compiled by the agency back in 1978 stated that triclosan was “not generally recognized as safe and effective.” Though this draft was never finalized and approved, the FDA still technically recognizes the fact that triclosan is neither safe nor effective, at least as far as the science is concerned.


Look For Triclosan Free Products … There Are Good Ones Out There

To be on the safe side, why not do what you can to become Triclosan free right now? There are Triclosan free products available, and some very good ones, too. Many people are now specifically searching for Triclosan free toothpaste, shampoos, conditioners, skin care products. There are lines of mineral-based makeup for the ladies that contain no Triclosan at all. With the your health and the health of your family involved, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and using Triclosan free products is just one more thing you can easily do to insure your healthy future.

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