Healthy Living – “The World Health Organization released a helpful report that links chemicals we all use, touch, and breathe with hormone disrupting effects.”


Healthy Living – WHO Warns Against Everyday Chemicals, Hormone Disrupters

Healthy Living:
Bisphenol-A and Phthalates Have Some Frightening Effects

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The World Health Organization is not your run of the mill little group advocating for healthy living. They are a “big deal”, and when they issue a report it’s usually serious stuff. Yeah, they have ties to “Big Pharma” worldwide that some of us believe are too close and cozy, but still, they are an important group and represent, in many cases, the “cutting edge” of science.

The WHO has recently released a report that should be important information for anyone interested in healthy living … and how to pull that off in today’s polluted environment where we deal not only with pollutants from our waste and trash, but from chemical pollutants in the products we use daily in our homes.

The WHO reports that many products we use, and have used for decades, in our homes, are endochrine disruptors (EDC’s). Endochrine disruptors affect the production and regulation of hormones in the body. This type of chemical intrusion can cause some serious and frightening effects in our bodies, especially in those of developing children. This ties in with the report we posted just the other day regarding the FDA and the chemical Triclosan. This report is substantiating evidence for the fears of that chemical … but the report goes much further and includes EDC’s such as biospheol-A and phthalates, which are also some fearsome adversaries to healthy living.

Here’s a report from Elizabeth Renter at “Natural News” about the WHO’s findings and their possible consequences:

WHO Warns Against Everyday Chemicals, Hormone Disrupters

Though the WHO is far from sincere and as helpful as it should be, the organization released an insightful report that links chemicals we all use, touch, and breathe with hormone disrupting effects. According to the report, The State of the Science of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, endocrine disruptors (EDCs) can occur naturally, but those synthetic varieties are the ones that we should be most worried about. […]

If Healthy Living Is Your Goal … Opt Out Of Dangerous Products … Eat Right … And Protect Yourself

While we are surrounded by an invasive barrage of unhealthy and downright harmful chemicals on a daily basis these days, there are ways to avoid them and to mitigate the effects of those that are unavoidable. This should be the course of action for all of us who are concerned about healthy living as a goal for ourselves and our families. Avoid products containing dangerous household chemicals. Safe alternatives are available … you’ll find them on these pages and through other sources if the ones you find here don’t appeal to you. Protect your self and your family biologically as well. There are modern, scientifically developed supplements which can enhance your body’s immune system and help mitigate the damages incurred simply by living in this environmentally dangerous world we inhabit today. You can find those in these pages as well.

Whatever you do, stay informed. Keep your eyes on these pages and any other source of good, quality information you trust with your health. Protect yourself and your family by avoiding the dangers you learn of from those information sources. Take advantage of those scientific advances which can protect you against the ones that can harm you.

Healthy living is a day to day process.

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