Lower Blood Pressure Naturally – “High blood pressure is one of the most preventable conditions. But it plays a contributing role in more than 15% of deaths in the United States” …

13 Ways To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Want To Reduce Your Blood Pressure Without Drugs?
Here Are Some Simple Ways To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally!

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally | Lower Blood Pressure With Supplements

I have hypertension. Over the years my blood pressure has risen. It did it slowly, with aging, and to tell you the truth … I didn’t notice for years. I’m one of those stories of folks who simply got priced out of the Health Insurance market almost a decade ago with the advent of the economic downturn and the upsurge in health insurance costs. To aggravate the situation, I changed careers and lost the health insurance I had previously. After that it was several years before I could get back “in the market”, and during that time my blood pressure had skyrocketed. After several years without checking, I was surprised to find I was running readings around 190/110. That was not good news.

When we discovered this, my doctor immediately put me on medication and we got it under control. However, I’ve never been one for medications you need to take every day, so I also put into effect a program designed to reduce blood pressure naturally.

To lower blood pressure naturally is really not that difficult. It requires a bit of effort, but nothing beyond the reach of anyone with just a modicum of self-discipline. You’ve got to watch your diet, but not in a really restrictive way. Of course you want to get a handle on your weight, but dieting to lower blood pressure naturally is really more about what kinds of foods you eat, and not so much restricting your total intake.

You’ve also got to do a little bit of exercise, but we’re not talking power lifiting at Gold’s Gym here. Just a reasonable amount of exercise … like walking or power walking … will help reduce blood pressure naturally.

You can lower blood pressure with supplements. A good CoQ10 supplement will go a long way to help. Any quality product with a high bioavailability will work, and many folks who start out on a regimen of drugs but start on the proper supplements find they are eventually able to lower blood pressure with supplements alone … which is much healthier, in my view.

To make a long story short, after starting my “natural” program of watching and adjusting my diet, making sure I got a comfortable amount of exercise, and taking some very high quality supplements designed to help lower blood pressure naturally, my doctor found that my blood pressure readings were becoming routinely low, instead of high, and he was comfortable cutting my drug dosage in half. I’m not yet at the point where we’ve eliminated the drugs entirely, but I’m a good example of what you can do with just a little effort if you’d really rather avoid the “drug route” and are serious about finding ways to reduce blood pressure naturally.

Here’s a great list of simple things you can do to lower your blood pressure without drugs. It’s from “Prevention.com”:

13 Ways To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

High blood pressure is one of the most preventable conditions. But it plays a contributing role in more than 15% of deaths in the United States, according to a new Harvard study. Although it causes no symptoms, high blood pressure boosts the risks of leading killers such as heart attack and stroke, as well as aneurysms, cognitive decline, and kidney failure. 28% of Americans have high blood pressure and don’t know it, according to the American Heart Association.


If You Want To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally … Pay Attention!

Of course, to want to lower blood pressure naturally in the first place, you’ve got to be aware that there’s a problem. As you can tell from my story, I went years without even being aware of the danger I was in. As far as I new, I was suffering from no high blood pressure symptoms. I’d never thought about how to lower blood pressure, because I wasn’t even aware I had a problem. When we finally discovered how high my readings were, the first thing my doctor said was, “Don’t you have a headache”? He was actually surprised that I hadn’t been in real discomfort and used the term “stroke danger territory” to describe my situation. If your blood pressure is rising with age it does it very slowly. Levels that would make you really uncomfortable if they came on quickly can sneak up on you if they progress incrementally over periods of months and years.

So the first step is to be aware of what your readings are. Check your blood pressure. Make it a point to do it at least a few times a month. If you know your readings are high, see your doctor and get on it right away. Follow his instructions and also look for ways to lower blood pressure naturally as well.

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