Fast Healthy Weight Loss – Jen Ator of Women’s Health magazine shows ways to score a healthier, hotter body in half the time.” …

Fast Healthy Weight Loss: Shape-Up Shortcuts

Fast Healthy Weight Loss | Tips About Healthy LivingHow to achieve fast healthy weight loss is a subject on lots of people’s minds right now. After all … here comes summer!

Yes, beach time is on the way, and many of us are concerned with dropping those extra pounds of winter insulation we’ve built up. We want to lose those extra pounds quickly, but we also want to keep good healthy practices in mind. Most of us know by now that crazy fad diets and starvation are not the way to go. Neither are dubious “diet pills” that can have you grinding your teeth down to the nub.

Here’s a great video from the Today Show that features Jen Ator of Women’s Health magazine. In it she provides some tips on how to achieve the real goal: fast healthy weight loss. In it, she outlines a couple of great approaches. Notice that she emphasises doing what is possible, and not biting off more than you can chew (pardon the eating pun).

Here’s How To Lose Weight In Half The Time – NBC Today

This book isn’t about a “fast fix”. It’s about making smart, simple strategies throughout the day that are going to add up to major results. So it’s really about doing little things better, and striving towards progress rather than perfection.

Watch The Video At NBC Today Here:

Fast Healthy Weight Loss Requires Common Sense

The two main problems most of us run into when we attempt to lose weight quickly are setting goals that are too difficult to actually achieve, and stressing our bodies out by making changes to our exercise and eating habits all at once and too drastically. When we do these things we set ourselves up for failure.

Be sensible. Follow Jen’s advice and start by making one meal a day better than you’d normally eat. Choose to do just a bit more exercise than you might have done yesterday. Then settle into that pattern for a few days. Once it’s comfortable, choose another meal to improve and expand your exercise just a bit more. Setting your weight loss program in motion in this slower,more gradual way, will actually help you lose weight quicker and you can more easily achieve your goal of fast healthy weight loss.

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