Celiac Disease Nutrition: Wheat germ is commonly used as a filler in supplements. It’s a dangerous practice, and one that people on a Gluten Free diet should be aware of.

Vitamin Supplements Contaminated With Gluten

Supplements For Celiac Disease:
Study Shows Many Are Not Safe For Those On Gluten Free Diet

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Gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease, is an autoimmune disorder in the small intestine. It’s caused by a reaction to certain proteins found in wheat, barley, rye, and similar grains. When a person sufferring from the condition ingests these proteins, there is an immune system reaction whcih causes inflammation and resultant symptoms such as diarrhea, pain, and fatigue. The only known cure for the condition is a life-long gluten free diet.

Here’s the problem: a gluten free diet, combined with the already-existing condition causing the body to absorb less nutrients than normal, means that sufferers can wind up malnourished in the vitamin and mineral department. It’s almost universally agreed that good celiac disease nutrition requires the use of supplements, particularly multi-vitamin and mineral complexes, essential fatty acids like omega-3’s, digestive enzymes (a product that supplies a wide range of plant enzymes is best), probiotics, and possibly calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D as well. This is where the problem in today’s article comes in. The best supplements for celiac disease must be gluten free as well.

A recent study has found that good supplements for celiac disease are not as easy to find as you might think. Grain of one kind or another is used by many supplement manufacturers as a filler. Wheat germ is used as a filler in many supplements. This makes it doubly important that sufferers of gluten intolerance make sure they’re taking gluten free supplements. Those with grain fillers can be outright dangerous for these folks.

Here’s a comprehensive article from “The Gluten Free society” that will fill you in on the study and the numbers:

Supplements For Celiac Disease:Vitamin Supplements Contaminated With Gluten

A recent study investigated over the counter vitamin and mineral supplements for the presence of gluten, and the results were alarming for those who are trying to follow a gluten free diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle through the use of multi-vitamins, probiotics, etc.


Choosing Supplements For Celiac Disease Demands Close Scrutiny

Gluten intolerance or celiac disease requires management to achieve good celiac disease nutrition. This usually means the use of gluten free vitamins and gluten free supplements for mineral and immune support. If you are a celiac disease sufferrer, make sure you do your due diligence. There are some very good nutritional supplements for celiac disease sufferers, and there are some that are just plain dangerous. When selecting supplements for celiac disease, here are some things to look for:

1) Make sure the manufacturer adheres to “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMPs). This is an industry standard that is very high and assures that manufacturers who make multiple products do not “cross pollute” one product with unwanted traces of another. The GMP standard regulates all areas of the manufacturers production and assures high quality. Don’t purchase any supplements from any company who does not adhere to the GMP standard.

2) Read the label! If you’re goal is healthy celiac disease nutrition and you’re looking at gluten free vitamins or gluten free supplements, it will be easy to tell if the product you’re looking at will provide it. For one thing, any competent manufacturer is going to recognize the “special market” that those needing a gluten free diet create. If a manufacturer is providing gluten free supplements, they will let you know. It will be obvious on the label as you won’t see any dangerous ingredients, and the manufacturer will be “tooting their horn” in other ways, and promoting “Gluten Free” either on the bottle or in their advertisements.

3) Talk with your doctor. Show him the bottle and label or product sheet of the supplements you are considering. Let him take a look and see what he thinks.

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