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[VIDEO] Bill Moyers and public health historians Gerald Markowitz and David Rosner discuss thwarted efforts to hold the lead industry accountable for toxic exposure threatening American children …

Environmental Pollution: The Lead Wars Continue

The Dangers Of Environmental Pollution To Both Children & Adults Continue As Chemical Industry & government Collude

Environmental Pollution | Lead Based Paint

Here is a great video that should be seen by anyone concerned about environmental pollution, the safety and health of children in today’s chemical-laced society, the role of government in protecting citizens from environmental dangers, and simply healthy living. This is the latest episode of “Moyer’s And Company” with Bill Moyers.

In this episode, Bill interviews public health historians Gerald Markowitz and David Rosner, authors of “Deceit and Denial: The Deadly Politics of Industrial Pollution” and their newest, “Lead Wars: The Politics of Science and the Fate of America’s Children”.

This is some really important stuff. We’ve come a long way in the war against the chemical industry as it regards lead and lead paint poisoning. There’s still a long way to go.

Environmental Pollution – David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz on Toxic Disinformation | Moyers & Company

Bill talks with David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz, public health historians who’ve been taking on the chemical industry for years — writing about the hazards of industrial pollution and the neglect of worker safety — despite industry efforts to undermine them. Their latest book, Lead Wars: The Politics of Science and the Fate of America’s Children, is the culmination of 20 years of research. Markowitz and Rosner warn that, for young children, there’s no safe level of exposure to this dangerous toxin still lurking in millions of homes. […]

There Are Things You Can Do To Protect Yourself & Your Children From Environmental Pollution Like Lead Poisoning

So what can be done? Well, get active for one. The war between the American public and the chemical industry has been going on for the better part of the last 100 years. One side is motivated by the “bottom line”, while the other is motivated by their health and the health and well being of their children. From lead based paint to chemicals like Triclosan, toxic chemicals are everywhere … and you and your family are exposed to them.

Can you rely on the government to “take care of it”? Only in an ideal world … not in the real world we live in today. Government gets caught in the middle. It’s always been easier for those of wealth and power to get Washington on their side. In order to achieve change, those without those things have to make good use of their sheer numbers. There are, after all, a lot more of “us” than there are of “them”. BUT … for the numbers to be big enough, “we” have to get Motivated and Active. So, become involved. Write your representatives. Question candidates and vote for the ones who give you the straight answers. Don’t rely on someone else to do it. Things don’t get done that way.

To learn about some things you can do in your home to protect your family from things like lead, dangerous flame retardants, and chemicals like BPA, read Bill Moyer’s new blog post. We report on that, and you can see it HERE.


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Environmental Pollution.