POLITICAL UPDATE – Hazardous Household Products – “The Chemical Safety Improvement Act … is an unacceptably weak response …” Ken Cook, of the Environmental Working Group, said today..” …

Political Update: EWG President On Hazardous Household Products

Dangerous Chemicals In Cosmetics, Beauty Products … And Congress Is “Wimping Out”!

Hazardous Household Products | Tips About Healthy Living

Two days ago here at “Tips About Healthy Living”, we took our first foray into the political side of things with our post about GMO Foods, Monsanto, and Dow. Today we’re into the political side of things again, discussing hazardous household products, dangerous chemicals in cosmetics and bath products … all of those things that the chemical industry has insinuated into our lives and our bodies for the purpose of profit, with sometimes very little regard for our health or the health of our families.

Again, this post will be twofold: the first being a “get you up to speed on whassup in Washington” article … the second, a suggestion for something you can do to Take Action regarding this important subject.

Ken Cook is the President of the “Environmental Working Group”. The “EWG” is the nation’s formost “environmental information provider”. Their mission is to make sure the consumer knows just what they’re getting, what is being done for and to them, and to assure that all the information you and I need to make informed decisions as to what we put into our homes, our bodies, and our lives is at least well-known to us, and not cloaked in a kind of “corporate secrecy”. The EWG has been around for years now, is well-respected in all circles of science and government, and is really on eof the best sources of information you can have if you’re interested in Healthy Living. I urge you to visit their site and subscribe to their mailing list.

Ken has written a short article on the new “Chemical Safety Improvement Act”, introduced by Sens. David Vitter (R-LA), and Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ). It’s his take that the Congress is really dropping the ball on this one, and that passing the act is to lose a real chance to do something about hazardous products in the home … like cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners, skin creams, cleaning products … that most of us are exposed to daily and that are proven and accepted as harmful to humans. Many studies have now found that human cord blood samples, taken at random upon the birth of children in the US, are indicating the presence of literally hundreds of industrial chemicals that are either considered harmful to children, pregnant women, and the population at large, or are suspected of being so. Many of these chemicals are suspects in the rise of cancer, birth defects, and behavioral disorders in children, and now we’re finding that exposure to chemicals from hazardous household products and harmful chemicals in beauty products actually begins in the womb! Additionally, many of these industrial chemicals are barely regulated and some are not controlled at all.

Take a few minutes and read Ken’s take on the proposed bipartisan legislation …

Hazardous Household Products: Ken Cook On Senate Chemical Policy Reform Bill

For too long, we have lacked a chemical safety system that assures Americans that the chemicals in our products and workplaces are safe. As a result, millions of Americans are being needlessly exposed to untested and unregulated chemicals. And those toxic chemicals are showing up in our bodies and the bodies of newborn babies. The fact is that industrial chemical pollution begins in the womb.


Takke Action On Hazardous Household Chemicals & Dangerous Chemicals In Cosmetics, Bath & Beauty Products, Skin Care & Dental Products

There is something you can do about all this. You can make your voices heard. The EWG has mounted a petition online that will be delivered to the US Senate to urge the Senators to take more sweeping action and enact some legislation that will actually protect the population. The Big Chemical lobby is extremely powerful, and if the interest of the common citizen is to compete … we’ve got to get vocal.

Please follow the link and send a message to your Senators that you’d like them to consider really protecting you and your loved ones from the growing chemical threat of hazardous household products.

Hazardous Household Products – Demand Real Reform!

“Any chemical reform legislation must include the same safety standard that applies to pesticides in order to ensure public health and safety; priority review of chemicals that show up in umbilical cord blood and our bodies; clear deadlines for chemical safety assessments and preserves the ability of states to act when the federal government lacks the courage or capacity to do so.” […]

Living With Hazardous Household Products

There’s no denying it. Hazardous household products and personal products are everywhere. Just today, my colleague Kate posted about Triclosan, a chemical found in bath and skin care products, makeup and personal care products as well as the toothpase and mouthwash most people use. The fact is, anyone who believes that Congress is suddenly going to do something strong and purposeful, is probably deceiving themselves. We can, and should, urge them to do what’s right. But until such action is actually taken and becomes the law of the land … we have to figure out ways to live with the industrial chemical threat in our homes.

Thankfully, it’s not that difficult. There are “green”, non-toxic substitute products out there … we simply have to be dedicated enough to take the time to locate them, and in some cases (not all) to pay just a bit more for them. In many cases, these products are right on your grocers shelves next to the brands that are dangers. The “Environmental Working Group” is a great source for us all, and once again I urge you to subscribe to their list and explore their site. It contains a wealth of information. Bottom line is: it’s really very simple to locate and obtain safe, high-quality household and beauty products these days, and it’s very gratifying to imagine the looks on the faces around the board room tables at places like Dow, Monsanto, etc., if we all started purchasing those and simply being informed enough to avoid hazardous household products.

After all … the “informed consumer” is what these companies fear the most.

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