Thyroid and Weight Gain – “Looking for a way to slim down, boost clarity and renew vitality? A healthy thyroid may be the secret.” …

Thyroid Problems – Maladies and Triggers

Thyroid and Weight Gain:
Weight Problems Among Many Ailments Traced to The Pesky Gland

Thyroid and Weight Gain | Tips About Healthy Living
Most people are aware of the relationship between a healthy thyroid and weight gain. Are you aware there can also be a relation between thyroid and weight loss? There can … and that’s not all. The thyroid gland, the largest in the body and located just below the Adam’s Apple is a rather touchy little bugger and if it’s not operating in harmony it can cause all sorts of odd symptoms. A decrease in cognitive functions, depression and mood disorders … these are among the visible signs of developing thyroid problems. The non-visible signs of thyroid malfunction can include poor glucose utilization, decreased T-cell activity, increased inflammation of joints, and malfunction of the liver and gall bladder.

If you’re feeling sluggish and slow, possibly not as alert as normal, and this has come on rather suddenly, you might want to take a look at the possibility of a lazy thyroid.

Here’s a short article by Carolanne Wright in the “Natural News” that will give you some pointers:

Thyroid Problems: A Healthy Thyroid

Beyond adopting a way of life that incorporates stress reducing habits like yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques, enjoying a nutrient dense diet is also helpful. Reducing sugar and refined carbohydrates is necessary as both suppress the gland … Consuming a diet rich in glutathione promoting compounds can protect and heal thyroid tissue as well. Focus on foods like asparagus, peaches, garlic, squash and grapefruit. Sea vegetables are another stellar choice. Loaded with iodine, they are one of the finest foods around for thyroid health.


Thyroid And Weight Gain – Diet And Thyroid Health Supplements

To combat the problem of thyroid and weight gain, indeed any thyroid problems at all, the first place to start is your diet. If you read the article above you’ll find a list of foods to avoid and foods that can really help to harmonize your thyroid and help minimize thyroid problems. Over and above that, you’ll want to take a look at some good thyroid health supplements. Echinacea, Vitamin D, Zinc are all good. Sea vegetables rich in glutathione, such as kelp and Limu Moui are the best. .

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