Life saving cancer drugs. Kiss your savings good bye.

(NaturalNews) The pharmaceutical industry is generally known to be a greed-driven, profiteering racket. However, the real danger for average Americans isn't just getting ripped off while suffering horrific side effects as a result of taking drugs — it's the threat of going bankrupt simply due to having a chronic illness for which the medical-industrial complex

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Breast Cancer Awareness: Avoid These Toxins

(NaturalNews) Breast cancer awareness in America has evolved into nothing more than a marketing competition where everything is painted pink and consumed for profit Focus on Breast Cancer Prevention Avoid Personal Use Products and Household Cleaners that Contain these Toxins As pointed out in NaturalNews, breast cancer awareness in North America has become nothing more than

Breast Cancer Fighting Foods: Carotenoids

Breast Cancer Fighting Foods - "Harvard scientists found that women who have higher carotenoid levels in their blood have a lower risk of breast cancer than those women with lower levels." ... Breast Cancer Fighting Foods: Compounds in Fruit and Vegetables Found to Prevent Breast Cancer Carrots Are Considered One Of The Best Cancer Fighting

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