Immune System Support

Natural Iodine Supplements: Protecting The Thyroid From Radiation With Natural Iodine

"Fortunately, iodine has been shown to protect the important glands of the endocrine system from radiation toxicity, namely the thyroid." ... Protecting the Thyroid from Radiation with Natural Iodine Radiation Toxicity & Seaweed! Since the nuclear disaster at Fukushima in Japan, and the resulting spread of radiation toxicity into the food chain of the Pacific,

Supplements For Celiac Disease: Vitamins & Gluten

Celiac Disease Nutrition: Wheat germ is commonly used as a filler in supplements. It's a dangerous practice, and one that people on a Gluten Free diet should be aware of. Vitamin Supplements Contaminated With Gluten Supplements For Celiac Disease: Study Shows Many Are Not Safe For Those On Gluten Free Diet Gluten intolerance or Celiac

Zinc Benefits – Boosts Body’s Immune Response

An estimated 40% of elderly adults are zinc deficient, but the elderly aren’t the only ones at risk. Because zinc plays an important role in immune function and growth, it’s presence is important whether you are over the age of 60, under the age of 20, or anywhere in between. A recent study attempted to determine just how zinc can help fight infections, and its results offer some promising data supporting zinc as a [...]
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