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Telomeres Anti Aging Research – Meet Your Anti Aging Future

Telomeres Anti Aging Research - "Calvin Harley, PhD, recently glimpsed the possible future of medicine—and maybe a forecast of his own mortality. It was 2010, a tumultuous year for Dr. Harley as he helped launch a start-up biotech company." ... Telomeres Anti Aging Research:Meet Your Anti-Aging Future Telomeres Anti Aging Research The Future Is NOW!

The Best Stress Relief: May Only Be A Click Away!

Stress, huh, what’s stress?...said no one in the 21st century, ever. It lurks in your bank account, your fridge (seriously, how did you let the tomatoes go bad again?!), and most of all, your workplace. Nearly 80% of workers experience job-related stress, according to the American Institute of Stress. And nearly half say they need help managing it. How do you do that? Stress management—basically Breathing 2.0—isn’t exactly intuitive. You can shell out $400 [...]
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