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Fast Healthy Weight Loss: Diet Mistakes

Fast Healthy Weight Loss - "I constantly see women overdoing it on whole grains because they're good for them. They are so important for your health, but large portions cause weight gain, period. " ... Fast Healthy Weight Loss - Common Dieting Mistakes, Solved! Common Dieting Mistakes ... The Road To Natural Fast Weight Loss

Asthma Prevention – Broccoli & Asthma

Asthma Prevention - "This is one of the first studies showing that broccoli sprouts — a readily available food source — offered potent biologic effects in stimulating an antioxidant response in humans,” ... Can Broccoli Prevent or Even Treat Asthma? A Chemical In The Vegetable Is The Key Yet another reason to eat your broccoli

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Pumpkin Seed Nutrition

Pumpkin Seed Nutrition - "If you are acidic, or even somewhat acidic in your stomach, you'd probably be thankful that pumpkin seeds exist. Everywhere, people are preparing dangerously acidic meals. To counteract the negative effects of acidic foods and meals, take note of studying and incorporating pumpkin seeds into your diet. ... Pumpkin Seed Nutrition

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Apples Nutrition: Apples & Cancer

Apples Nutrition - "Numerous studies show how compounds in apples are able to not only prevent cancer, but also prevent cancer cell growth and even destroy cancer cells." ... Apples Nutrition: Apples can Prevent Cancer Apples Benefits: An Apple A Day To Keep The Doctor Away! By Scott Bauer, USDA [Public domain], via Wikimedia

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Thyroid And Weight Gain: Healthy Thyroid

Thyroid and Weight Gain - "Looking for a way to slim down, boost clarity and renew vitality? A healthy thyroid may be the secret." ... Thyroid Problems - Maladies and Triggers Thyroid and Weight Gain: Weight Problems Among Many Ailments Traced to The Pesky Gland Most people are aware of the relationship between a healthy

CoQ10 Benefits & Heart Failure

CoQ10 Benefits - "Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) cuts mortality by half in patients with heart failure, researchers from Denmark reported recently." ... CoQ10 Benefits: First Supplement To Improve Heart Failure Mortality What is Coenzyme Q10? Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10 for short), is a vitamin-like substance that is found in the mitochondria cells. It is required for the

Breast Cancer Fighting Foods: Carotenoids

Breast Cancer Fighting Foods - "Harvard scientists found that women who have higher carotenoid levels in their blood have a lower risk of breast cancer than those women with lower levels." ... Breast Cancer Fighting Foods: Compounds in Fruit and Vegetables Found to Prevent Breast Cancer Carrots Are Considered One Of The Best Cancer Fighting

Hazardous Household Products

POLITICAL UPDATE - Hazardous Household Products - "The Chemical Safety Improvement Act ... is an unacceptably weak response ..." Ken Cook, of the Environmental Working Group, said today.." ... Political Update: EWG President On Hazardous Household Products Dangerous Chemicals In Cosmetics, Beauty Products ... And Congress Is "Wimping Out"! Two days ago here at "Tips

Triclosan Dangers & Heart Failure

Triclosan Dangers - "Found in a variety of soaps, hand sanitizers, fabrics, toothpastes, mouthwashes and even tap water, researchers have discovered triclosan is far from harmless. Linked to heart failure and decline in muscle strength, the agent has come under scrutiny due to its widespread use in common household products. ... Triclosan Dangers: Are Common

Superfoods List For Weight Loss

Superfoods List For Weight Loss - "These multitasking "superfoods" contain multiple disease-fighting nutrients, fill you up so you can enjoy plenty of food without excess calories, and are easy to include in everyday meals." ... Superfoods List For Weight Loss: List of 10 Super Foods for Your Diet What Are Superfoods For Weight Loss? By

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