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Superfoods List: Healthy Foods That Will Not Break The Bank

Superfoods List  - As the cost of food rises it is harder and harder to get a nutritious bang for your buck.." ... Superfoods List: Healthy Foods That Will Not Break The Bank. On the heels of a new study that has found that healthy eating costs more, it is refreshing to find a list of

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Holiday Stress: Ways To Minimize Stress So You Can Enjoy Your Holidays More

Holiday Stress - Organization and a little planning go a long way in reducing stress during the holidays." ... Holiday Stress: Ways To Minimize Stress So You Can Enjoy Your Holidays More For  many people the holidays are a time of stress and over-scheduling. Too often we get caught up in all of the things

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Heart Health: Simple, Moderate Physical Activity May Be The Key

Heart Health - "You don’t necessarily have to pump iron or run a marathon to keep yourself healthy. In fact, simple hobbies like gardening or home improvement may do the trick ..." ... Heart Health: Simple, Moderate Physical Activity May Be The Key Achieving and preserving a Healthy Heart is fundamental to healthy living. Further,

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Why You Shouldn’t Go To Work Sick

"The average adult gets a cold about two or three times a year, with each one lasting up to a week, or sometimes longer." ... Why You Shouldn't Go To Work Sick Sure You Need The Money ... But In The Long Run You're Better Off At Home! We've all been through it before, of

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Health Exchanges Open – Dr. Nancy Snyderman Answers Your Questions

"The health insurance exchanges are now up and running. But there are still so many big unknowns about the Affordable Care Act. Learn all the details here." ... Healthy Living & The Affordable Care Act What Does The ACA Mean To Me? One thing is absolutely clear: there's more misinformation and information that is simply

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One Of The Best Superfoods: Dark Chocolate

Best Superfoods - "7 Dark Chocolate Health Benefits: A Surprisingly Healthy Superfood" ... One Of The Best Superfoods: Dark Chocolate By Far One Of The Sweetest Healthy Foods When thinking about the healthy eating benefits of the best superfoods typically vegetables and grains come to mind, but there is great news for your sweet tooth.

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Natural Iodine Supplements: Protecting The Thyroid From Radiation With Natural Iodine

"Fortunately, iodine has been shown to protect the important glands of the endocrine system from radiation toxicity, namely the thyroid." ... Protecting the Thyroid from Radiation with Natural Iodine Radiation Toxicity & Seaweed! Since the nuclear disaster at Fukushima in Japan, and the resulting spread of radiation toxicity into the food chain of the Pacific,

Healthy Eating – A Guide To Pesticides In Produce

Healthy Eating - "EWG's 2013 Shopper's Guide helps you make informed choices about the produce you buy. Check out our 'Dirty Dozen' and 'Clean 15' lists to shop smarter." ... EWG Shopper's Guide 2013 Healthy Eating: 2 Great Videos & A Remarkable Reference This is a 2+ part post today that has to do with

Heart Health Tips: Health Benefits Of Chocolate

Heart Health Tips - "Recent investigations published in the British Medical Journal show that eating chocolate is linked to a 39% lower risk of cardiovascular disease and a 29% reduced risk of stroke" ...Chocolate Reduces Cardiovascular Disease Risk by 39%, Stroke by 29%Chocolate May Not Be The "Sinful" Pleasure You Might ThinkGood news! Chocolate lovers

Healthy Eating – What Food Processing Chemicals Are In Your Food?

Food Processing Chemicals - "Processing aids used on produce are wide-ranging, from chlorine washes to ozone to organic acids to oils derived from plants such as cinnamon or pine trees." ... Food Processing Chemicals: What Are You Eating? What Are You Eating? Will Anyone Really Tell You?The role of chemicals in food processing is a

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