“Fortunately, iodine has been shown to protect the important glands of the endocrine system from radiation toxicity, namely the thyroid.” …

Protecting the Thyroid from Radiation with Natural Iodine

Radiation Toxicity & Seaweed!

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Since the nuclear disaster at Fukushima in Japan, and the resulting spread of radiation toxicity into the food chain of the Pacific, there has been a lot of talk as to what can be done on the Internatiional level … but not much information about what can be done by the individual to protect themselves from the problem.

Fortunately, there has been a lot of research over the years that’s been done into radiation toxicity and what things we can do to help overcome adverse effects should we be exposed to higher levels of radiation than are healthy. One thing we’ve known for years is that the human body can … to some extent … be protected by higher levels of iodine, which protects the thyroid. We can increase our iodine levels by consuming iodine in foods and there are also natural iodine supplements, like kelp and limu moi seaweed that are very effective.

Here’s a comprehensive article by Christina Sarich at “The Natural Society” that will fill you in on the best sources of iodine in foods:

Protecting the Thyroid from Radiation with Natural Iodine

Dr. David Brownstein is an expert on iodine. When it comes to radiation exposure, he explains: “If there is enough inorganic, non-radioactive iodine in our bodies, the radioactive fallout has nowhere to bind in our bodies. It will pass through us, leaving our bodies unharmed. It is important to ensure that we have adequate iodine levels BEFORE this fallout hits.”


Natural Iodine Supplements: Which Are Best?

As always, should you decide to add a natural iodine supplement to your diet, you should first make sure that doing so won’t send you “over the limit”. Too much iodine in your system can be detrimental to your health. Generally speaking, a good natural iodine supplement should be derived from food … especially seaweed or kelp … and not a “laboratory concoction” of some kind.

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