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Healthy Eating: Study Finds Eating More Healthy Foods Costs $1.50 More Per Day

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A new study finds that eating a healthy diet costs more than what most people normally eat. This may not be surprising, and the difference … at $1.50 per day … might not seem that much, but it adds up. It also makes it more difficult for the poor to remain healthy than the affluent.

One of the problems is that unhealthy foods have a manufacturing and producing infrastructure that healthier foods do not. Corporate farming and production techniques are not normally applied to healthier foods at the present time.

Here’s an article by Ryan Jaslow of CBS News:

Healthy Eating Costs Extra $1.50 A Day, Study Finds – CBS News Fri, 06 Dec 2013 19:12:54 GMT

Healthy eating costs extra $1.50 a day, study findsCBS NewsThe researchers call this one of the most complete looks at the true cost differences for families who eat healthy. They reviewed 27 earlier studies from 10 high-income nations that …

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Unhealthy Eating Costs More Too

When considering the cost of eating a healthier diet, we must also consider the possible savings on the “other end” … health care. If healthy eating helps you avoid heart disease or diabetes you’re definitely going to save money on health care later. This relationship may be difficult to quantify, but suggests that perhaps spending the extra $1.50 per day to eat correctly miight save much more in the long run.

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