Stress And Heart Disease – “Tired of hearing about all the reasons you should start taking fish oil supplements? This time, stick with us in the name of heart health.” …

Stress And Heart Disease:
Fish Oil Protects Your Heart From Stress

Stress Management Foods
Researchers Find That High Doses Of Fish Oil Have Remarkable Benefits

Stress And Heart Disease - Fish Oil Benefits

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Stress and heart disease are related. Medical researchers are not sure if stress is a risk factor or if high levels of stress cause other risk factors like high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Stress is a normal part of everyday life. We all have it; we all live with it. All people respond to stress differently, but the bottom line is that stress is harmful to the body.

Do you ever have a moment of panic when you realize you forgot to do something or you are supposed to be somewhere you are not? When in that situation, have you ever had that sudden surge of adrenaline maybe followed by a few expletives? This is caused by the body’s sympathetic nervous system … our “fight or flight” response … reacting to the stress. This sudden surge of energy makes your heart pump harder and your blood pressure rise. Think about how often you have had this happen to you and you shouldn’t be surprised that there is an effect of stress on the heart.

New research has shown that the oils in fish could actually be considered stress management foods. Researchers found, of 67 participants, those who consumed 9000 mg of fish oil a day for eight weeks showed blunted cardiovascular activity while under stress, when compared to those who consumed olive oil for the same length of time. Fish oils are a calming food for the heart.

Here’s an article by Nina Elias at “Prevention” that will give your more information about adding fish oil to your diet for stress management:

Stress and Heart Disease: Fish Oil Protects Your Heart From Stress

“The relationship between MSNA

[Muscle Sympathetic Nerve Activity] and blood pressure gets much stronger as we age, especially in women,” says Jason Carter, PhD, principal investigator for the study, “and women have a much more aggressive increase in sympathetic nerve activity as they age, compared to age-matched men.” […]

Fish Oil Benefits

By now you are probably tired of hearing about the health benefits from fish oil. The more Omega-3 fish oil benefits are researched, the more we seem to learn about its positive health effects. Here is a list of reported fish oil benefits:

1) Anticancer effects
2) Lowers the overall risk of death from heart disease
3) Protects the brain from cognitive problems
4) Reduces triglycerides
5) Reduces stiffness and joint pain
6) Boosts the health of pregnant women and the development of the fetus
7) Lowers the risk of a stroke

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