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Is it Possible to Avoid GMO’s in our Diets?

Eliminating GMO's from Your Diet As a health concious consumer my diet is organic. My personal care products are toxin free as are my home care products. GMO's and toxins had been eradicated in my life as far as I was concerned. That is until I listened to  Dr. Edward Group Surprising GMO Food Facts Is it

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GMO Myths – Is Everything You Know Simply Wrong?

GMO's & Your Health  - "Most GMO's in use now are created to withstand heavy herbicide sprayings. The company that creates the seed also sells the chemical you use on it. It's a package deal." ... GMO Myths: Is Everything You Know Simply Wrong? Most People Are Wary Of GMO's ... But They Also Don't Even

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Political Update: GMO Foods Giant Monsanto Buckles In Europe

"Following protests against Monsanto that took place in 52 countries, the company has thrown in the towel in most parts of Europe." ... Political Update: Lobbying And GMO Giant Monsanto Buckles In Europe Successful “March Against Monsanto” & Reaction To Seed Escape In Oregon Spur End Of Monsanto Push In Most Of Europe (Photo:

Political Update: GMO’s, Dow And Monsanto

"Monsanto has been making the claim for years that genetically modified foods are equivalent or even of higher quality than non-GMOs, but nothing could be further from the truth." ... Political Update: GMO's, Corn, Dow AgroSciences ... And Monsanto New Study Finds Monsanto's Genetically Modified Corn Is Nutritionally Dead & Possibly Highly Toxic! Well, sooner

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